Co-owner, Altiera Dahlman

When people ask me what my hobbies are, I say, "Clothes!"

My clothing addiction really escalated in high school when I realized that the clothes you wear can affect your confidence. You know, like when you put on a good pair of high rise jeans and your day goes from a 2 to 10? My first retail job was at men's clothing store in Rimbey; "would you prefer snaps or buttons?" My retail journey continued after I completed my fashion marketing certificate at Olds College. In between waitressing, falling in love with my husband, (in Sundre of all places), when I wanted to go back to school I wanted to follow my passion; clothes! Fun fact: 20 years prior our Mom took the apparel class at Olds College! *But mom, why didn't you teach me how to sew?!" Following the completion of my certificate I worked at various boutique locations for almost three years in central, Alberta. During this time I learned about SO many brands, I learned that I'm very much a "people" person and love being involved with the public, and putting my merchandising experience to the test was so fulfilling for me. When my husband, Eric, (you would love him), and I decided to move out west, (had to get closer to that Rocky Mountain view!) I decided to change my career path. It wasn't until our wedding when my inspiration and creation around style and trends really started to spark up again! I styled 9 of my best friends and family members (yes, I had 9 bridesmaids), and it was the funnest and most rewarding task EVER! I love a good 70's inspired outfit, I'm a big fan of the Canadian tuxedo and I'm not afraid to wear what I want, when I want! My husband will often say to me, "can't you just wear something normal?" *As I put on my clog's and oversized T to go to the Saloon for wings.* No hunny, never! The brands we carry at Evyn were chosen right from my closet - I have years worth of knowledge on knowing what the best quality is, what the best fit is, and what is best for mine and our customers budgets! My clothing addiction has finally paid off, and I'm thrilled and honoured to share this experience with my little sister. 5 years ago, I would have NEVER expected to open up an online clothing store, let alone in the middle of a global pandemic! "Get serious, life is short and can end at any time. Do what you came here to do." Thank you so much, for being here! Love, Al

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